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Rig-Tech is a Texas limited liability company that offers variety of products and services including the following: Repair, maintenance, and installation and commissioning of a variety of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic control systems for drilling rigs and drilling rig equipment; installation, maintenance and repair of drilling-equipment, oil and gas, petrochemical plant and industrial equipment and related control systems.

Troubleshooting, repairs and new construction of control systems, service and maintenance of pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic instrumentation packages.Providing highly trained and properly qualified service men to perform jobs which require a high level of technical expertise regarding controls in the field, Equipment rental including specialized tools and NDT Inspection Services.


Rig-Tech is first and foremost a service company and it is how we deliver and then support these services for our customers that sets us apart from others.

Rig-Tech is a customer centric company and have spent years creating a culture around the customer and their needs. Our commitment in delivering customer value is genuine and in fact:

  • We focus on finding and providing the best possible service option and solution.
  • We develop solutions based on standard service and customizable options to meet our customer exact needs.
  • We work seamlessly with any and all third party providers
  • We provide rapid-response solutions leveraging our service expertise and resources.

Our vision is to be a valuable asset to our clients. Our organizational structure and resources come with personal service and the professional level of care you deserve.

Rig-Tech, LLC

Reliable Quality Service

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Made in the U.S.A.

Texas Proud

Rig-Tech's values are traditional values. We operate our business and hold each individual to the highest ethical standard. It is our goal to establish long term and lasting relationships with our cleints. All activities, material and products affecting the quality of Rig-Tech's products and services are controlled to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Learn about Rig-Tech's Supply Chain Management

Strategic Initiatives

Aligning with our Customers: We actively support our customers in the delivery of their business objectives, and strive to be recognized as their universal first choice.


Operating with Distinction: It is our goal to be recognized and rewarded by our customers for consistently delivering the industry's safest and most efficient services & solutions.


Optimize Performance: We will urgently and continuously optimize our processes and our organization to maximize margins and returns for ourselves and our clients.


Investing in our Future: We will attract, develop and retain the industry's best workforce, and we will operate, maintain, & systematically upgrade and renew the industry's most efficient workforce.

Shared Values

We will be united by our commitment to our values. Rig-Tech will consistently exceed the expectations of customers and employees. We will continuously advance our position as leaders, and relentlessly pursue improvement in all that we do.

We will execute flawlessly by ensuring that our equipment always perform as and when intended, and that our people are properly trained and motivated.

Above all else, we will protect each other, the environment and our assets. We will conduct our operations in an incident-free environment, all the time, everywhere.

We will always act with integrity and professionalism, honor our commitments, comply with laws and regulations, respect local cultures, and be fiscally responsible.

"Rig-Tech, shared values for a better result!"