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Aligning with our Customers: We actively support our customers in the delivery of their business objectives, and strive to be recognized as their universal first choice.



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Rig-Tech is committed to minimizing risk exposure to the employees' health during their assignment and contributing to a healthier life when at home with families through active preventive initiatives.


Rig-Tech's goal is to avert any injuries at work by raising the awareness of personal safety within the work place and by reducing risks to prevent incidents


It is our priority protect the environment by minimising the environmental impact of its activities and products. It does this through suitable design, manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal practices.

Rig-Tech provides a variety of reliable quality services that support projects in the petrochemical, industrial and oil & gas industries. Rig-Tech continues to set new standards for operational excellence and we understand that our job is not done until you are completely satisfied the end results. We stand behind our work and take pride in everything we do.

Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you and the trust you have in your people, strategies and systems. We know that value and trust are also the ingredients of a quality relationship — and that they are earned over more than a single engagement. No matter how big you are, public or private, and in what industries or sectors you do business, we can help you work smarter and reach your goals.


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