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Stainless steel tubing rack installed by Rig-Tech Instrument Fitters

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Rig-Tech Instrument Fitters have a thorough knowledge of various pneumatic and hydraulic systems.  Our Instrument Fitters installed the stainless steel tubing rack lines pictured on this diverter unit. They also installed all bulkheads, instruments, solenoids and completed start-up and testing this unit before delivery.

This is just one example of the intricate and complex controls our professional team members deal with each day. Each tehnician has extensive subsea controls experience including thousands of hours working on HPU's, 60 line and 120 line POD's , LMRP's and other subsea controls equipment.

Our instrument Fitters are available when and where you need them, whether is for a long term contract assignment or just a quick trouble shooting and repair job, Rig-Tech is here to support your project goals.

Our instrument fitters will measure, cut, bend, thread, assemble, and install ss tubing and our Fitters are able to perform multi-line panel breakout, and configure group (rack) tubing runs, mount and install control panels, instruments, and associated control/sensing devices.  Addtionally we measure, cut, assemble tray and tray support systems. Install tubing and clamps into tray systems. Observe function of installed equipment and system to detect hazards and need for adjustments, relocation, or replacement. Download more information about  Instrument Fitters
instrument fitter houston
instrument fitter houston

Contract Instrument Fitter Service


Rig-Tech Instrument Fitters are available when and where you need them. We are conveniently located in Cypress Teaxes just outside of Houston. Our Instrument Fitter Contract Service is the one more companies rely on when they need professional installation of ss tubing.

Rig-Tech Contract Instrument fitters can repair or replace faulty tubing, valves, instruments, and other devices. Maintain technical competence by attending all classes and meetings as required. Rig-Tech Instrument Fitters consistently demonstrate an adequate amount of communication with customers to resolve any issues or any needs.

Our Instrument Fitters can read ISO's, Schematics  install service, and repair pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and control and consistently work to meet customer specification in a neat, timely and accurate manner. A Rig-Tech Instrument fitter can plan new or modified installations in compliance to P&ID's, Safe Charts, and schematics.

Rig-Tech Instrument Fitters service a wide range of equipment including: Pipeline Metering Stations, Metering Gas Sites, Fire & Gas Systems, ESD Fire Loop Systems, Fire Pump Skids, Compressor Packages, and Lubrication systems for Natural Gas Compressors, unload systems on Compressors, and Industrial Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Units, HPU's, Diverters, Motion Compensators, Subsea Pods, Bop Stack , Subea Manifolds, Wellhead Panels, Sample Systems and more. 

Rig-Tech instrument Fitters are Class I, II & III instrument fitters.

Houston Instrument Fitter Contractors

Instrument Fitter

We employ only industry experienced, highly trained and properly qualified instrument fitters. When you utilize the personnel from our field service department, you will have a crew that is qualified to complete your project safely, on time and constructed of the highest quality craftsmanship.