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Stainless Steel Piping installed by Rig-Tech Pipe fitters


Rig-Tech Pipe fitters plan,lay-out, install, test and repair all types of piping systems in accordance with all applicable plans, specifications, codes and industry standards.

Typically Rig-Tech Pipe Fitters have a minumum of 4+ yrs of experience working as a Pipefitter and a strong working knowledge of the Pipefitter trade. A large number of our Pipe fitters have multiple years of experience as a journeyman and NCCER Certification with a working knowledge of pipe fitting techniques and methods for different types of piping systems and pipe couplings.

Rig-Tech, LLC
Reliable Quality Service

Our Pipe fitters have been contracted to companies like NOV, GE Oil & Gas, BP, TransOcean, Cameron and Nobel Energy to name a few,

Contract Pipe Fitter Service

Rig-Tech Pipe Fitters are available when and where you need them. We are conveniently located in Cypress Teaxes just outside of Houston.

Our Pipe fitters service a wide range of equipment including: Pipeline Metering Stations, Metering Gas Sites, Fire & Gas Systems, ESD Fire Loop Systems, Fire Pump Skids, Compressor Packages, and Lubrication systems for Natural Gas Compressors, unload systems on Compressors, and Industrial Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Units, HPU's, Diverters, Motion Compensators, Subsea Pods, Bop Stack , Subea Manifolds, Wellhead Panels, Sample Systems and more.

Subsea Choke and Kill Flex Loops

Subsea Choke and Kill Flex Loops by Rig-Tech

SBOP Piping

BOP Piping by Rig-Tech Pipe Fitters