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Rig-Tech provides Rig Technicians meaning a a person who operates oil and gas drilling rigs, with job duties as follows:

Rig Technician (Level 1 - Motorhand): maintain drilling rig engines, transmissions, heating systems, diesel electric generators and motors, hydraulic systems, and other mechanical equipment, maintain equipment logs and preventative maintenance records as required, monitor inventories of fuels, oil filters, lube oils, greases and other service items, supervise training and activities of floorhands and laborers, ensuring they work safely and efficiently, participate in rig mobilization and de-mobilization (rig-up and tear-out).

Rig Technician (Level 2 - Derrickhand): operate and maintain drilling fluid systems and pumps during drilling, mix fluid chemicals and additives as required by the program, handle sections of drill string assembly from a platform on the rig derrick during tripping operations, monitor and record mud flows and volumes and fluid properties (i.e. mud weight)work under the direction of the Rig Technician and assist with crew supervision, ensuring the crew works safely and efficiently, participate in rig mobilization and de-mobilization (rig-up and tear-out)

Rig Technician (Level 3 - Driller): operate the draw-works, rotary equipment and pumps and supervise the assembly of drill string, ensure that safety and support equipment is functioning properly, monitor the progress of the drilling operation and communicate with well-site supervisors, keep a current record of drilling progress, train crew members, introduce procedures which may help the crew to work more safely and effectively, supervise rig mobilization and de-mobilization (rig-up and tear-out)