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Rig-Tech provides welders and welding services for the oil and gas, petrochemical and industrial industries. Whether you require stainless steel tubing applications, socket weld 6G or A36 steel plate, rig-Tech welders are proven to get the job done right.

All Rig-Tech welders complete the standard certification testing process and are qualified before they perform work for us or any of our clients. (GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and/or SMAW.) Rig-Tech welders are certified according to our ABS and DNV approved welding procedures.

Rig-Tech, LLC
Reliable Quality Service

Rig-Tech services a wide range of equipment including: Pipeline Metering Stations, Metering Gas Sites, Fire & Gas Systems, ESD Fire Loop Systems, Fire Pump Skids, Compressor Packages, and Lubrication systems for Natural Gas Compressors, unload systems on Compressors, and Industrial Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Units, HPU's, Diverters, Motion Compensators, Subsea Pods, Bop Stack , Subea Manifolds, Wellhead Panels, Sample Systems and more.