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rig-tech control system integration
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Our team of highly experienced electricians, pneumatic & hydraulic technicians and tubing fitters, pipe fitters make all connections between end devices, transmitters, valves, pumps, motors, electrical j-boxes, and control panels. We run all electrical lines and tubing lines in a way that allows for ease of future access for repairs and or maintenance.


Our creativity comes to life through innovation and finding ways to efficiently integrate your control system that best suits the need for safety, access and accuracy. Often times there are no punch list items once we complete our service thanks to our years of experience.

Equipment Rig-Tech Services

PLC Control Panels, Pipeline Metering Stations, Metering Gas Sites, Fire & Gas Systems, ESD Fire Loop Systems, Fire Pump Skids, Compressor Packages, lubrication systems for Natural Gas Compressors, unload systems on Compressors, and Industrial Gas Chromatograph Analyzer Units. Diverters; HPU’s, BOP’s and Motion Compensators, Wellhead controls, Master Control Panels, Chemical Injection, Fire Water Pump Panels, HPU’s and Flying Leads.