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Rig-Tech's highly trained, certified inspectors and examiners are available to customers in the refining, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries. Whether it is implementing a risk based inspection program, managing a turnaround or simply maintaining day to day compliance inspections, our services provide clients with the cost effective, high quality, value added services that will only be realized through continued commitment to safety, skills training and proficiency, experience, and cooperation.

PIPELINE - Turn-key pipeline inspection and pipeline integrity services for oil & gas pipeline systems.

  • Inspects full pipeline systems and related entities, including process plants, pump and compressor stations terminals and tanks.
  • Inspects gas gathering systems and related facilities.
  • Inspects public utility distribution systems.
  • Provides full service integrity department, AGM surveys, pig tracking, dig staking and as-built surveys.

FACILITIES - Implementing an effective maintenance and inspection system is essential for the safety, reliability and sustainability of your facilities. We offer you a comprehensive range of facilities management and inspection services throughout the life of your building, infrastructure or industrial plant.

 Rig-Tech offers unrivaled experience, professionals, expertise, equipment and accreditations. We can help you to establish an appropriate maintenance programme and provide expert advice to help you optimize your processes. Plus, we can help you manage regular inspections and identify concealed damage in any installed equipment or system, enhancing continuity and reliability.


VENDOR - Vendor Inspection ensures full compliance during the manufacturing stage of all high value equipment and plants including: pumps, pipes, vessels and valves. Requirements at each stage of the client’s purchase order are fully satisfied before the material / equipment leaves the suppliers premises, resulting in minimum potential for production outages and the subsequent threat to safety, asset integrity and legislative compliance.

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