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On-Site Process Calibration services include the following:
  • Highly trained calibration technicians
  • Customized calibration datasheets
  • Fast and flexible service schedules
  • Calibration on Singular, Loop & Process/System Instruments
  • Calibration of Instrument in the environment it resides
What we do:
  • Technicians meet with you at your facility to understand how you use the instrument and what specs the instrument needs calibrated to, including cGMP requirements if you need them
  • Technicians perform the work either with or without the process running depending on your requirements
  • Information is stored online in our calibration asset management system, CalTrak Online, making it readily available whenever you need it
  • Technician can provide all documentation for the completed calibrations before leaving the site
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Process Calibration Capabilities:
  • Temperature:
    • Sensors, Thermometers, Switches
    • Recorders, Transmitters and more
  • Pressure/Vacuum:
    • Sensors, Gages, Transducers
    • Switches, Recorders and more
  • Mechanical Devices:
    • Calipers, Rulers, Micrometers
    • Thickness, Depth, Level and more
  • System Calibrations:
    • Autoclave, Lyophilizer, Centrifuge
    • Mfg. Coating/Granulation/Filling
  • Transmitters: 
    • Pressure 
    • Temperature

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