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Supplier Information

Rig-Tech, LLC is a leading service company providing our products and services to the oil and gas, industrial and petrochemical industries. Suppliers are carefully chosen through fact-based analysis, internal alignment of priorities, rigorous processes, and other factors including commitment to health, safety, security and environmental performance.

In addition, Rig-Tech looks for suppliers who:

  • Participate in Responsible CareĀ®
  • Promote superior safety, reliability, and environmental performance
  • Employ efficient and innovative solutions in unique situations

Supplier Registration Process

Select suppliers will receive an invitation to register a contact,  However, an invitation does not imply the supplier is approved, or guarantees the supplier will receive an invitation to participate or become an approved vendor for Rig-Tech.

Supplier Qualification

The Rig-Tech supplier qualification and approval process considers safety, financial, quality, and technical factors of our suppliers.

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