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hydraulic tubing benders

Parker 632 Hydraulic Bender

Rig-Tech rents Parker 632 hydraulic benders with original radius and glide blocks or Hardened set.


The Parker Model HB632 Tube Bender is a hydraulically operated bender for bending annealed steel and stainless steel tubing from 3/8" O.D. through 2" O.D. It is operated by means of a separate power source producing 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure.

Offshore Ready Work Bench features

Each Hydraulic tubing Bender is well maintained and routinely checked to insure everything is in proper working order. These machines comes bolted down to a Rig-Tech Offshore Ready Work Bench. The work benches are well built and sturdy compact units tough enough to handle the rigors of offshore use or the harshest construction environments. Made of wood to reduce weight a metal plate is mounted to the top creating a durable and smooth surface. This increases mobility and makes it easy to move the bender into the desired position for use.

Simply remove a quick pin and slide the bender into the horizontal position or perpendicular to the long side of the bench. A metal plate is fastened under rail where fork lift will make contact during loading and unloading. This reduce the risk of possible damage to the unit and wear and tear over time. On the lower section of the unit is compartmentalized surface for storage of each shoe, block and pump. This helps to keep up with important items when not in use and staying organized.

Parker 632 Hydraulic Bender mounted on a Rig-Tech's Offshore Ready Work Bench.

Another innovation from Rig-Tech setting a new standard in tools and equipment rentals. Rent one of these well-built and innovative units today.