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Wellhead Controls

Wellhead Control Panel by Rig-Tech

Wellhead Controls

Field Service of Wellhead Controls by Rig-Tech

Wellhead Controls


Wellhead Panels

Control systems are custom designed according to your specifications and requirements. These include HPU and/ or Control Modules for either single well or multiple wells. The wellhead panels are designed to control one SSSV & two SSVs. The sequence of closing shall be as per customers requirements. System monitoring devices provide the capability for automatic ESD upon abnormal condition and fusible loop fire protection. The HPU is self contained and integrated with the main panel for convenience and space savings. Accumulators, where required are provided for fluid storage in ESD applications.

Hydraulic pumps are powered by platform gas or air supply. The wellhead control consoles house the master control valve(s), sensors, ESD logic devices, flow-line pilots, manual reset relays, test manifolds, time delay circuitry and monitoring gauges. In case of panels for multi-well applications, each well module can be isolated or replaced without affecting other wells in operation. The control consoles are built from SS316 or SS316L materials for corrosive environments. The components can also be supplied in SS316 as required and available.


Features & Options

• ATEX / PED Compliance
• CENELEC / NEMA / CSA Electrical Wiring Standards
• ASME Code compliant fabrication
• Stainless Steel fabrication

• Carbon Steel with Anti corrosive coatings
• API Testing
• On Board PLC Controls
• Hazardous Area Classifications for
Class 1 / Div 2; Class 1 / Div 1 Groups A,B, C, D
• CENELEC Zone 1 / ZONE 2
• Third Party Certification Application:

• Single Well Control
• Multiple Well Control
• Hydraulic / Pneumatic Controls
• Standard & Custom
• Safety Valve Controls
• Process Control 

Rig-Tech, LLC

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Wellhead Control Panels

Rig-Tech can design, manufacture and support Wellhead Control Panels and Wellhead Safety Systems. We have completed many successful Wellhead Control Panel projects and have the technical expertise to fullfill your requirements.

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